I got off to a slower start on Thursday and left when Alexa headed out for some errands before work. Can’t thank you enough, Alexa, for giving me a comfortable couch to share with Enzo! Next stop Moab!


Until next time, Colorado!
 I was taking Interstate 70 pretty much the entire way and as far as interstates go there was plenty to look at while making the drive. I stopped for some lunch at this amazing place called Taco Bell! Have you heard of it?? I needed something quick and cheap… I may have a small weakness to the beefy 5-Layer. Even the view from the Taco Bell parking lot was beautiful!



Not a bad view from the Taco Bell parking lot!
I drove right past Vail and snapped a few shots of the slopes from the car. Vail was like a crazy mountain resort but it was the entire town! Coming down 70 was probably the highest altitude interstate in the country if I had to guess. The old e30 was absolutely hating the 11,000+ ft elevation. My car typically has passing power in 5th, even up slight inclines, but not today. I downshifted into 3rd going DOWN one of the mountains just to use the passing lane. The e30 got quite the workout leaving Colorado!



One last stop in Grand Junction to meet up with a guy from the forums that wanted to check out the car! I stopped by Zack’s place for about an hour and enjoyed a beer over some car talk before getting back on the road!


I was about 2 hours from the campsite in Moab so I took off around 5pm so I could leave myself with enough light to set up camp. I was pretty excited when I pulled up to the campground and found about 10 college kids at the first site. Finding a big group of people similar in age is quite exciting when you’re traveling alone! The car attracted tome of the guys attention when I pulled up which offered a good connection to making some new friends to hangout with. As the night went on we played some football, drank some beer and took some wine cooler shots! I climbed a 50ft rock face with a couple of the guys and saw the milky way for the first time! it was spectacular! After climbing down we all ended up pretty drunk around the fire. Fortunately for us, Trevor was quite the storyteller. After all the shenanigans I think I ended up in bed around 1:30 AM!







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