After an easy night on the couch I woke up (in good company) hungry as usual. The three of us went to a small breakfast place called Toast and it was delicious. Definitely not the same Toast that we have back home! After getting fueled up we went back to the house so David could head to his parents.


good morning pups!


Kai was nice enough to show me around a little and took me by the Red Rocks Ampitheater. I NEED to go to a concert there one day soon! It was such a phenomenal place. On the way back to his place we took a super curvy canyon road not too far away. We were in his super clean e36 m3 that he uses for his autox car. The Motion Control shocks on that thing are the smoothest yet firm shocks I’ve experienced. They definitely helped tear up the back roads while I had a permanent smile on my face.



It was then time to head on to the next place and I was off to Lowry Beer Garden just east of Denver to meet up with Phillip Keefe and have a beer. Phillip is one of those e30 guys I’ve known for probably over a year but had never actually met. We enjoyed a beer and some food and then jumped in the cars to drive literally 100 yards to the old hangar next to the Beer Garden. We got some great shots and then I was off to a friends place closer to downtown.


It had been a while since I had seen Alexa but nothing had changed as we got along great as usual! She was more than happy to have me stay on her couch and I can’t thank her enough! We sat down and chatted for about an hour, catching up while we waited on her friend to show up. The three of us went for a beer and then ice cream! I had seen a little girl with some soft serve earlier that day and I just had to get some! once that craving was satisfied we went home and it didn’t take long before I passed out!


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