Tuesday morning Alexa and I got up and went to a biscuit place for breakfast! I’m a sucker for a good breakfast place and this one was good. I had their signature chicken biscuit and added a poached egg on top. Unfortunately it was gone before I could even think to get a picture but its probably better than making everyone reading this super hungry.


After breakfast I had the day to myself to explore and Alexa suggested I go over to climb the Flatirons in Boulder, about a half hour away! I was looking for a good hike so this was the perfect thing for me while she went to work.


It wasn’t a very long hike so I didn’t plan on it being as hard as it was. To start things out on the wrong foot I thought I had at least half a camel back full of water when in reality I had one sip. So being as hot as it was I found out how much water I had after the first half mile. I wasn’t turning around at this point so I just decided to pace myself. I had the huge surprise of the elevation with my car but it was the first time my body had ever dealt with it! Definitely slow and easy with lots of breaks all the way to the top! Once I was about halfway up the temperature started to fall off a little and some clouds moved in helping make the hike a little less exhausting. the view at the top was worth it and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.












I ended up hiking most of the way down with three people I met at the top! They were nice enough to include me in their “after hike” beer and so I followed them to Avery Brewery a short 20 minute drive down the road! The brewery ran free brew tours and we took full advantage! Avery was definitely the biggest brewery I had been in and it was a state of the art facility. Our tour guide, Danny knew his stuff and did a fantastic job giving a 101 course on the history of beer and the brewery itself. After some good been and a little food I told my new friends, Aaron, Lizzy and Steph goodbye and headed back to Alexa’s place.



The two of us watched some tv show for about an hour that she had been following and then changed to go grab some dinner at a burger place. It didn’t disappoint, as with my entire stay in Colorado. We called it a night after dinner and went home for the night.

Dinner with the beautiful Alexa!
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