Show Time!

Refreshed and ready to get my fun filled Saturday started, I rolled out of bed around 9 AM and got to breakfast just in time to eat before they shut it down. That big waffle never tasted so good! After everyone who was up early enough to get food was done eating everyone piled back into the parking lot to get a better look at the cars that showed up late and to chat about their favorite ones.

A drivers meeting was held before taking off on the drive to the summit of Wolf Creek Pass. I think everyone’s attention was a little short due to excitement as a chatter crept up after about 5 minutes. Once Tom got done on the megaphone we took off in 4 separate groups, one every 5 minutes or so. Kai, David and I got a little late start in our group but it wasn’t bad getting to play catch up! I followed the two of them in Kai’s beautiful S52 turbo coupe and had some trouble keeping up at times. My car was still hating life with the higher elevations so I stayed in 3rd practically the entire way up!




The summit had plenty of room to hold the 113 cars that were in attendance this year. The view was beautiful and the weather was fantastic! I was noticing a few cars that I didn’t see at the hotel but that’s because they were spread out around the hotel. The one that stood out the most to me was a few cars down from mine and what appeared to be a stock e28 M5. Wrong! the only thing that would give it away was the big brake kit and intercooler hiding behind the stock valence. The car looked very stock but was making 710whp! It was very understated and I loved it.







Next, half of the group left for the poker run and the other half, myself included, went out for an extended drive down the other side of the mountain and found some food at a great local place called Freemon’s General Store. After lunch everyone headed back to the hotel where the beer continued to pour and the stories kept on coming. Awards were done just after dinner and I received my first award for my car! Furthest Distance Traveled may not exactly count for an award for the car but I was stoked to receive it!




I also tried to ride a segway type of board and nearly lost my beer in the process, but I made sure I kept the majority of it in the cup. Its called a Milo and is extremely fun. Noah was nice enough to let me give it ago and it made for a good laugh for everyone around!


Kai, David and I ended the day at the natural hot springs for an hour or so. It was my first time in a natural hot spring and it was very relaxing. The higher the pools were, the hotter the water was.   


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