Road to Denver, CO

I woke up earlier than I wanted to on Sunday thanks to my lovely body clock. I had taken a majority of the stuff out of my car for the drive on Saturday so I had a lot to pack up. I got started and it took about 4 trips to and from the car before I finished.


  Just before I finished the last load Neel came walking out from the front and I noticed a few cars start to show up. I was at the overflow hotel so I was a little confused. I was about to get in the car and go to the other hotel to eat so it was a nice surprise when I didn’t have to go anywhere. I took the extra time to sit in the lobby and work on a blog post while everyone else started to show up. I waited for Kai and David to show up but they took forever (got a little lost) so I found myself eating before they arrived. The food was delicious and I can’t thank Neel enough for the free breakfast.


Parking lot leaving breakfast!


I started making my rounds and telling everyone goodbye after I ate. Definitely made some new friends over the Drive 4 Corners event. I had made plans to follow Kai and David back up to Denver as that was my next stop anyway. It was a fairly uneventful few hours to Kai’s house but beautiful nonetheless!


When we arrived at his place we did a once over on the cars and then I decided to look into the AC wiring diagrams a little more. Turns out there are two plugs in the front passenger corner that plug into the compressor. So I switched them and TAH DAHH! Well not exactly. I wasn’t getting any signal to the compressor. My particular model is the only model year that uses a relay behind the dash to control the signal and mine was bad. Not a problem as I would grab another one later. We ended the evening with some fantastic open face burgers that Kai’s wife Erin made for everyone. Her brownies were on another level and I may have helped polish those off! Thanks again Erin!


Is that a 24v swap with working AC?? Why yes… Yes it is!


Can’t forget Kai’s other family members !

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