off to Drive 4 Corners

I woke up and it was a brisk 55 degrees Friday morning! Two days prior I was in Dallas, Texas where it was 105 with 100% humidity so I certainly wasn’t complaining! I slept on the side of the mountain above the campsite as there were not any suitable trees down below. I packed up camp and started down the mountain!


I stopped at the General Store at the bottom where the unmarked road ended to make sure of directions because I still had no phone service. It took me a moment to notice but when I looked up there had the be at least 40 hummingbirds around the front porch of the store! It was crazy to see so many in one spot and I took a few minutes to snap some pictures.




Once I had my sense of direction back and I knew where I was going I had a short 40 minute drive to the Santa Fe BMW dealership to meet up with the caravan to the Drive 4 Corners Event. I was welcomed with food and drinks and some guys who wanted to check out the car! After a short drivers meeting on the route we were taking we hit the road with 7 cars. I was the only e30 until we got the the Quality Inn hotel in Pagosa Springs, Colorado! The parking lot was mostly full of BMWs ranging from all years and needless to say I was excited to get the weekend started!


Logically, I started at the check in and met some familiar faces I had seen online prior to the event. Tom and Ted Shultz that put on the event, along with some others, were there checking everyone in and getting us out goodie bag filled with some stickers, a Drive 4 Corners T-shirt, beer glass and a itinerary for the weekend! Once I got my stuff I went to put it in the car and then moved the e30 to the other side of the hotel where most of the cars were parked. The owner of the hotel and long time BMW enthusiast, Neel, met me in the parking lot. He was as excited to see I made it as I was to be there!


I’M STARVING!! I needed some food, and a beer! I found a table with some guys that appeared not much older than me and they welcomed me in. Kai, David and Jeff are three great dudes and we stuck around each other for pretty much the rest of the weekend. We had a few beers, enjoyed some delicious food and talked cars for the majority of the night before making it to our hotel rooms. Huge thanks to Neel for helping me out on a room so I could have a bed and a hot shower!

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