Working ac in an e30??

Tuesday morning I woke up early and Pawpaw took me back to Liz’s Diner again because i just had to go again before I left. It was too damn good!

After breakfast we made it over to O’Reilly’s to grab the receiver drier I was waiting on. A 2 minute drive to Mr. Bedfords shop and we got to work. We took the old drier off and installed the new one in about 30 minutes. WE then decided to vacuum the system down for about an hour to make sure everything was completely out and then proceeded to put the freon back in! COLD AIR OUT OF MY VENTS!!!! I didn’t know what was happening. After 4 years of owning and daily driving the car without AC I felt like I just got a new car, but better because it was old!


Windows up and the AC blasting!


We headed back to the house and I grabbed my last few things and loaded the front seat with all the food and drinks Mawmaw put together for me. I love that woman! It was then time to hit the road again!


One of my favorites from my Mawmaw!


Open road to Austin!

On to Austin, Texas where my good, old friend Charlie Zogzas had a place for me to stay! While I didn’t get there till around 8 PM, we made the most of the evening. He took me to this amazing Taco place called Torchy’s Tacos. Damn was it good. Skip the following pictures if you’re remotely hungry! And the one above for that matter but, whoops, too late!

We grabbed a few drinks at a local bar just down the road before calling it a night. Charlie, the good man that he is, bought me my last round for the night.

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