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Man did 6 AM come early! Once i was on the road it felt good to be getting an early start on the day. I was heading to Chickasaw National Recreational Area just south of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. On the way there I made a quick stop on a small bridge to catch the sunrise.


It was one of the stops on the Ultimate Road Trip Map that I decided to visit because I wasn’t really sure what to see in Oklahoma without going too far out of the way of the next stop. The park was beautiful and I encountered some Bison for the first time as well as a water bridge in my car. The water may have been about twice as deep as I anticipated!






After leaving the park I was finishing what might be my longest day of my trip. I was heading to Santa Fe National forest for my second night of camping and I couldn’t have been more excited. I only had one mishap on the 9 hour drive and luckily I didn’t end up having to spend any money. I guess what happened was I pumped gas and then forgot to close the fuel door before going to clean the massive amount of Texas bugs off my windshield! 200 miles later I get to my next fill up and to my surprise I found my fuel door open with the cap still stuck in the holder. I now know that with the new widebody I can’t see the fuel door when its half open!


How it sat for over 200 miles!


Essentially what I could see in the mirror!

As I started gain elevation when I entered into New Mexico I first noticed the temperature start to drop and it put a big smile on my face. Well that smile was soon turned upside down when I thought my fuel pump wasn’t supplying enough fuel pressure to my injectors. Turns out, a tuned NA (normally aspirated for my non car friends) car hates any sort of high elevation. It literally took about 24 hours and some head scratching before I talked to some guys from Colorado that essentially told me, “Welcome to Colorado!” I knew elevation resulted in power loss but having never felt it before I didn’t know what the hell was happening!


 I finally made it to camp after a great curvy but very bumpy road up the mountain. Setting up camp took no time with the Eno, giving me a little more time to relax before it got dark. Once the light faded over the trees I took out my laptop to do some writing for this fine blog of mine. Just kidding, I never charged the computer back up and 1% battery wasn’t going to allow me to get anything done. So I twiddled my thumbs around for a bit, looked up at the stars and decided to call it an early night at 9 PM!



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  1. Uncle rob

    Garrett iam realy enjoying the photos…i am able to pick out most of the places you have been Looks like alot of fun. I wish i had plan my vacation time better. I would have liked to fly out and ride with you for the week. Looking at your pictures my guess is you are nearing idaho montana. I hope you get a chance to see yellowstone. Beautiful but big. There is the ultimate driving road once you leave the northeast gate of yeollowstone along the wyoming montana border. The beartooth hwy. you drive up to 10380. Great camping all thru area. Good luck. Next time in mandeville thanksgiving…i want a full detail of the trip

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