Royal Flush!

Wednesday morning I left when Charlie had to go to work, so around 8:30 AM. He suggested I go to this place called Kerbey Lane to grab some good grub and it certainly didn’t dissapoint. I had Mexican style breakfast plate with a stuffed omlette and black beans, rice and queso to accompany it. The hostest told me I had to get their cinnimon roll pancake too. Damn was it good.

 From Kerbey Lane Diner I headed off to Waco, Texas to enjoy the afternoon at BSR Cable Park. I had seen a video a few months prior of their new Royal Flush water slide and had to check it out! The slide is an absolute riot and shoots you right into the middle of the water at my best guess of 30 feet in the air! I made a few new friends while I was there and a few of them took the GoPro down as well. I wish there was something similar to this in Charlotte because at $15 for an all day pass its hard to beat the fun factor. You could bring in ice chests full of alcohol and even a grill. The guy at the gate told me, “If you can pack it, you can have it!”


After a solid 4 or 5 house at the slide I got changed and hit the road to Dallas. I was off to stay with my friend Mike Zollo at his Uncle’s beautiful home. Dallas was huge and while I didn’t get to explore the city at all it seemed like a pretty great place to live, minus the horrible heat and humidity.

After some snacking (more Mexican, but you wont find me complaining) with his Uncle’s wonderful family I got a shower and then hit the bed so that I could get up at 6 to follow them out when they left for work.



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