Cheers to the Weekend

Saturday morning came quick after a few beers Friday night. I was up at 7 AM to finish getting my car ready for its first car show! This was a pretty special show for me as it was the first one I was entering my car in along with my Pawpaw and his newly refinished 1925 Model T. He had pulled the Model T into the barn nearly 40 years ago to store for a friend. Years went by and he ended up buying it from his friend, you know how it goes. About 5 years ago he started by disassembling the entire truck to make templates of all the wood he would replicate! As you can see, it is in better than new shape!

My pawpaw’s beautiful woodwork !
Such a cool old fire extinguisher!

My grandparents lighting supply company.

The show had a great turnout and had lots of very well put together custom cars. The show was put on by the local mustang club at the local Ford dealership but it was open to all makes and models. The e30 got some love from a few people but I think I may have been in the wrong type of show for majority of the crowd! The dealership had lunch available for donation to a local charity, which is always great to see!

Sneaking in with the American muscle cars.
First time seeing her in person!
Family friend, Joe, who took home the overall win with a Chevy truck at a Ford show!

Jay’s immaculate original Cobra!
The only thing I really needed to do after the car show was to get my auxiliary far wired up on its own circuit as opposed to running it through the AC switch which was now going to be used for AC! About an hour or two after having to go buy a switch and cleaning everything up I was ready to drive down to New Orleans to spend a night out with my cousin, Matthew.


Crossing the Causeway!
Once I made it down to his place, around 9 PM, I took an Uber from there to meet them at the bar as they were already out. There was some fancy art thing downtown that night and everyone was wearing white… except me! The Rusty Nail was packed with a great atmosphere that spread onto two patios. After 4 or 5 beers it was time to move on to the next place. We walked downtown and ended up at Howlin Wolf and caught the end of a great Blues show for free! We were able to catch about 15 minutes before trying one more bar. The last bar was dead so we decided to call it quits and caught a cab home. We ended the night with some late night Dominos and then crashed on the couch!


Always great music being played in here!
We woke up late Sunday morning with hungry stomachs. Hard to believe, right? Well we went to a great place downtown called The Butcher, I believe, and damn was it good! After what was essentially lunch I jumped back in the car and headed back to my grandparents. I took a quick drive down the lakefront before getting to the house as it is where I spent a lot of time when I was a kid.


End of the lakefront!
Once home, I ended the day day by fabbing up a basic intake shield out of aluminum to help keep my intake temperatures down. I was happy with how it came out for a quick job!


Don’t mind the dirty bay!
Only a few simple bends and some cutting required.
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  1. 8/15/2015

    Keep on trucking Garrett!!

  2. Cindy Farmer

    Fabulous post, nice of you to showcase and show some love to your PawPaw😄

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