Shop Day Friday

Up bright and early Friday morning to tour a couple local shops my Pawpaw setup to visit. The last few weeks I haven’t been sleeping more than 6 hours, most likely due to excitement for the trip, so it wasn’t difficult getting up at 7AM.


photo by Chris Sway

First stop of the morning was Jay Pellegrini’s race shop, Nexgen, in Madisonville, LA. They started the shop mainly working on and racing the Nissan 350z chassis. It rapidly expanded into more than just the Nissans as word grew of the shop. What I really loved was the building/space. The shop took over an old bowling alley which offered enough room for a big workshop, AWD dyno, a showroom in the front to hold around 6 cars and a storage area big enough for probably 30 customer cars! It was the type of space I would want for my own shop sometime in the future. It was also very well kept and super clean as you can see from the pictures! After a couple hours at the shop it was time for an early lunch before heading to the next place!


Super clean work space!

Jay Pellegrini’s personal original l Cobra


One from the show room!

The next shop was definitely off the beaten path and was even difficult to find with directions! It was a completely different shop, but in a good way. It was a small custom hot rod shop in Convington, Louisiana. Anything you could dream up was a possibility at this place. The first thing I noticed, besides the half a 34 Ford, was an old Chevy 3100 pickup. It was clearly bagged and Hiding some serious rubber out back. Walk around to the front and the hood is absent due to a massive blower. The detail in this truck didn’t go unnoticed but the more you looked at it the more you found!


The rest of the cars in the shop were all equally impressive! One of the customers they were building a car for was a paraplegic. They had designed and fabricated their own chair system that slides the seat out and then rotates to allow easy access. Hand controls were also incorporated but didn’t look like they were quite finished. I love seeing projects such as this one to keep the enthusiasts on the road! The rest of the day gave me some inspiration to work on my car but I was still waiting to get it back with a working AC!


I finished off the day by grabbing some dinner with my cousin William at The Chimes restaurant in Covington. The sweet potato fries were delicious!

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