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Tuesday morning I woke up with quite a view of Lake Allatoona in Georgia. I had just spent my first night in my Eno and slept wonderfully, besides a rodent of some sort early in the morning. It was only a low of 71 that night and I was comfortable in just my shorts and t-shirt without my sleeping bag. I got up and moving and had everything packed up within 30 minutes. I was ready for the 45 minute drive to Atlanta


Most of the day was spent at Markert Motor Works with Dave and the guys checking out my car and checking over my tune for the rest of the trip. Came to find out there was a small electrical issue with my car and the MAF was getting a slightly higher reading than normal. This was throwing off the fuel trims and was wasting fuel. As the end of the day was approaching at the shop it was decided that we would put put it on the dyno Wednesday morning and tune around the issue to make it reliable for the trip.


Tuesday night I met up with some fellow e30 guys at a local car meet in Cumming, GA. It was only a 30 minute drive from the shop and I’m always down to meet other car enthusiast. It was a bigger turnout than expected and I had a good time, thanks to Saam Roodehchi for inviting me out! I left the show and headed to my friend Johnny Profit’s house as he was awesome enough to give me a room to stay after my original plans fell through.


Back to the shop late Wednesday morning and my little e30 was getting on the dyno for the first time. I was excited! She laid down a baseline run of 183whp and 171wtq. After about an hour on the dyno, Dave Markert had worked his magic and the car made 201whp and 187wtq. For any BMW guys following along, this was done with a 95k mile m52 with Turner Motorsport headers, straight pipes to a Supersprint muffler and a m50 manifold swap. The car now runs smoother, has a little better powerband and gets about 25 miles more per tank! I couldn’t be any more happy with Dave and the guys at Markert Motor Works.

Dyno Run

After the e30 was done at the dyno I headed back to the shop to pick up a couple parts I wanted! They guys were nice enough to help me wash the car before getting back on the road! I made a quick stop to meet Rob Levinson, the owner over at UUC! What a great shop, full of all the e30 things you could want and then some! I was like a kid in a candy store. I talked with Rob about the trip  in his office before hitting the road to my next destination. He was nice enough to send me off with a UUC shirt and decal for the car! Next stop, Alabama!

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