Good Times With Old Friends

It was 5:30 pm and there were 3.5 hours between me and Guntersville Lake in Alabama. I was on my way to see a long distance friend I haven’t seen in 6 years! The first half of the drive was rather uneventful except that I encountered my first rain storm on the trip. It was short lived though and the e30 did great making it through the rain without issue.


The most interesting part of this drive to me was that no one had ever told me how beautiful northern Alabama is. I suppose it’s just something you never hear about. I felt like I had found my first gem on this tour of the country! There was a fantastic mix of beautiful, flat farmland, followed by curvy roads with elevation changes, surrounded by dense foliage that offered a pleasurable driving experience! I approached Guntersville Lake just as the sun was setting over the water. I couldn’t have arrived at a better time!



Six long years since I had seen Jessica and we picked up right where we left off! The night was full of laughs and some good beer! Abita Andygator to be exact! We ended up just sitting on the dock under the moonlight catching up and listening to some good tunes. The mosquitoes were out in force but we ready for them with some candles and bug spray. I was up early Thursday morning to get on the road to my grandparents and Jessica’s mom was up making biscuits and sausage to make sure i didn’t leave hungry! I’m thankful for Jessica’s and her mother’s hospitality for allowing me to stay with them for the night. Also for the delicious dinner and breakfast they provided me!

I then hit the road to try and make quick work of the 6.5 hours ahead of me. Traffic wasn’t too bad and I was making such good time I ended up skipping lunch because I knew I wouldn’t be without food once I arrived at my grandparents! Once I arrived, my Pawpaw had his mechanic ready to check out the car so we drove down there to get the AC on my car figured out. We ended the day with a decision to drop the car off in the morning and let Mr. Bedford get my car blowing some cold air!



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  1. Garrett, it was such an honor to be a stop on the wide way round ! You are always welcome here.

  2. 8/3/2015

    Keep it up, great to see these updates! So jealous as I sit here at my office at work…

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