Slayed the Dragon!

Saturday morning I woke up with a huge smile on my face because I knew what lied ahead.


What I didn’t know was what I was going to eat for breakfast. This is quite the dilemma because I never skip my favorite meal of the day. My cousin had talked about grabbing breakfast with me in the morning at Biscuit Head but forgot he had some work to do. I decided to go by myself because I heard it was delicious. One massive gourmet chicken biscuit later and I was convinced that Biscuit Head, alone, is worth the 2 hour drive from my house in Charlotte.

Giant chicken biscuit with slaw, maple gravy and a poached egg!
Giant chicken biscuit with slaw, maple gravy and a poached egg!

Stuffed and extremely satisfied I jumped in the e30, left Asheville and headed straight for US 129, better known as Deals Gap or Tail of the Dragon! For those that don’t know about the dragon, it is probably the best driving road on the east coast. 318 turns in a short 11 mile stretch makes for a hell of a good time. This was the first visit to the dragon for me and I can’t believe it took me until now for it to happen. As I got within 10 miles of US 129 it was clear that there was an abnormal amount of Miatas on the road. It just so happened to be Drive the Gap for about 260 Miatas this weekend! I always enjoy seeing other car enthusiasts out, doing what we love.


Even with the extra ~250lbs of gear I have packed into the e30 she still handled the curves better than I could have hoped! The road was certainly busy but it didn’t stop me from enjoying every second of the drive. I started out behind an older gentleman in a red NB Miata and was happy to see him driving the piss out of it! I put my new Mickey Thompson tires to the test and they were plenty grippy as anyone would expect. Having a 275/40 front tire and a 315/35 rear tire on a small chassis meant I had full trust in my turn in. There wasn’t any chance of the e30 stepping out on me with how warm the weather was! There were plenty of cool cars and bikes on the road, including two skeleton frame Miata chassis that are similar to an Ariel Atom. My favorite car that I came across all weekend was an original Mini Cooper with big flares, sticky tires, and a j-series (v6) Honda motor stuff behind the driver compartment!


Today I decided to stay in Knoxville with my friend and pick up some things I needed at the store that I left at the house. Instead of going to Nashville I opted for a second day at the dragon because I just wasnt ready to leave it. This time I emptied out the e30 and shed all the unnecessary added weight that slowed me down on Saturday. John took his wife’s brand new, ~600 mile, BRZ and we met up with his friend Sarah who drives a special edition Burnt Orange WRX sedan that John and I rolled the fenders on the day before. The e30 felt incredible without the extra weight in the car. I could tell the car was lighter and a lot more nimble and crisp on turn in.

John being... well, John!
John being… well, John!

Now I’ve been stuck here on the couch trying to get the pictures off of my GoPro to no avail so I’ll have another go at it tomorrow!


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  1. C Farmer

    Great descriptive post even withou the pics๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    But you know me…. Can’t wait to see the images!

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