Well that didn’t take long….

It wasn’t but 35 miles into the 15,000 mile road trip when my first incident occurred. The VW cc in front of me kicked up part of a tractor trailer tire with nowhere for me to go. The shred of tire promptly ripped off my ‘is’ lip and bent my valence. I could see the vehicle behind me clip the lip and watched it slide to the medium of the interstate. Naturally, I pulled over at the next exit and assessed the damage. I was able to bend the valence back with my hand fortunately, but the tire scuffed up my 3 day old paint!!! I couldn’t do the whole trip without the lip so I went back for it. Luckily the lip only suffered minor scrapes and a small crack on the bottom. A shoutout to my sponsor, Dynamic Autotune, I couldn’t leave that fresh new sticker on the side of the road!

I was then able to find my Way to the BMW plant in Spartanburg SC, to enjoy the small museum they had for visitors. The most notable items in the museum included an e30 DTM car and a mid 80s formula 1 engine!

I ended the first day with some family in downtown Asheville where we enjoyed some great food and beer. But of course, you cant forget the wonderful people of Asheville, which always makes any time spent there that much better!

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  1. Peggy benit

    Have a great trip Garrett. Let me know if u need a place in Vegas or Oakland CA. Got friends there! I’ll keep watching for your posts! love u!

  2. Ted

    Need more pictures along the way!!

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